How to Get Your
Books into Bookstores
Proven strategies that are guaranteed to get your books in bookstores and book an endless amount of signings where books actually sell!
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The Bookstore Strategy
The 6 essential elements that will ensure that every book you create has the opportunity to be shown to thousands of readers. 
Creating Partnerships
The secret to partnering with bookstores that will give you free advertising and publicity for your book. 
Setting Up Book Store Signings For Free!
Even Independently published authors can book major store signings where the store will spend hundreds of dollars on advertising and you won't spend a dime!
Knowing the Details
The specific order of each element so you can have the most effective result. Miss any one of these and your results won't be the same. 
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How to 
Get Your Books
In Bookstores
Proven strategies that are guaranteed to get your books into bookstores and into the lives of passionate readers.
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